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Overview of facilities

Spring Valley Izumi Kogen is located in the Izumigatake area with easy access at approximately 40 minutes by car from Sendai City. The resort offers an exceptional view from Sendai City to the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can also take advantage of the Zip Line Adventure, attractions for kids and a lift with spectacular views. Young and old alike can enjoy the mountain leisure activities.  


Zip Line Adventure

The exhilarating Zip Line Adventure has people soaring from tree to tree like Tarzan on the actual slope. There are a number of courses complete with a wire rope and pulley system so you can slide down the pathway with ease.   

Attraction area

Another area comes with attractions for the kids so they can move around and play to their heart’s content. The water park, in summer only, has a popular following with slides and play equipment to wet your head in the heat. You can also enjoy ring tosh and ball sports for fun.    

Observation lift

The ski lift doubles as a lift to take in the views in summer. This gives people the chance to see the amazing mountaintop panoramic view of from the Ou Mountains to Sendai City and the Pacific Ocean, a pleasure usually set aside for ski season.


Both light and full meals are on offer in the restaurants in the food court, including a pasta menu with some dishes made with our specially made meat sauce and a variety of snacks. Imoni (taro, vegetable and meat soup), famous in Miyagi, is on the menu in autumn.  

Access MAP

By car:Tohoku Expressway Kawaguchi JCT→Sendai-Miyagi IC→Route48→Route31→Route457→Route223→Spring Valley Ski Resort(5hr25min)

By train:Tokyo Station→Izumi-Chuo Station (2hr5min)→Bus(50min)→Spring Valley Ski Resort